Fast, Accurate Service is the Key to QSR Success

There are no two ways about it, the most important word in the phrase “quick-service restaurant” is quick. And nowhere is that more true than for the drive-thru lane, where the typical establishment earns about two-thirds of it’s revenue. Numerous industry-sponsored studies have demonstrated that, with other variables held constant, a brand’s overall market share will rise and fall with the average amount of time a that consumer must spend from the moment that the drive-thru queue is entered to the point at which the patron receives the meal.

Getting the Order Right and getting it Quickly

This is the key to fast service. Obviously, the simpler the menu, the easier it is to narrow down the choices. Equally true is the fact that your kitchen procedures can be simpler and more streamlined with a limited menu. So, a simple menu will speed up both communications between staff and customer and meal prep time. But this would be a very unattractive methodology, because customers demand variety. So, the other option, the right one, is to improve communications.

Enter the Digital Kiosk

A digital kiosk, aka the self-ordering kiosk, is positioned so that the driver can pull up right next to it as he moves through the queue. It can be thought of almost like an oversized smartphone screen, and it displays your menu, much like a Digital Menu Board, but unlike most Digital Signage, it responds to your customers’ touch, much like his smartphone does. He enters his choices and they are electronically relayed, directly and infallibly, not only to the kitchen crew, but also to the POS system.

This is all done with no human intervention – at all, really putting back the “quick’ in the QSR. And, that’s not all. The kiosk can interface directly with an app on the users’ smartphone, and payment can be handled thru the customer’s debit account. This shaves even more time off the process. Next step? – Now that the customer is identified through her smartphone, her previous meal choices can modify what she sees on kiosk, so if she always orders chicken, the appropriate choices can be highlighted.

Faster service, better service, and electronic intervention will even mean that you can cut down on your payroll for multiple wins on many fronts.

قیمت خدمات بک لینک سازی خرید بک لینک های قوی دائمی و ارزان

Four Reasons for Commercial Duct Cleaning

Did you know that air ducts that are not regularly cleaned can breed harmful air contaminants? Indoor air is more likely to make people sick than outdoor air. The state of your indoor air quality relies on your air ducts. Not only are they a great place for dust to build up, but air ducts can also be a great place for insects or small animal infestations. Infestations can spread disease through the air and make people sick. In a pandemic it is especially important to have your businesses air ducts properly maintained and cleaned regularly. Clean air ducts can help limit the spread of viruses and diseases and help keep your customers safe and healthy. Here are four reasons to start using commercial duct cleaning services:

1.Helps Save you Money

It costs a lot of money to run a business. Keeping costs low and profits high are important, but not at the expense of your ducts. Spending money for regular air duct maintenance and cleaning will save you from having to buy an entirely new HVAC system. It will also help keep your HVAC system in good shape and running smoothly. This will help limit the need for costly repairs. An HVAC system that runs well will also help keep the cost of energy consumption low.

2.Improves Employee Health and Safety

Keeping your employees healthy is just as important as keeping your customers healthy. Your employees are likely those that will be breathing in your buildings air the most. Having your ducts cleaned regularly will contribute to a safe work environment. Healthy employees will need fewer sick days and will also be more productive. Creating a safe and healthy work environment will help attract new employees and increase retention as well.

3. Limits Bad Odors and Allergens

Neither the employees nor the customers will want to walk into a bad smelling business. Regular air duct cleaning will help eliminate potential sources of bad odors. Often mold can form in your ducts causing bad smells to flow through into the rest of the building. Another benefit of commercial duct cleaning services is limiting allergens in the air. Many people deal with allergies linked to dust mites and other airborne allergens. Dust can build up extremely fast and the best way to keep it under control is to have regular maintenance conducted on your ducts.

4.Makes Your Business Attractive

Maintaining your ducts will help make your business more appealing. It will provide a safe and healthy work environment as well as attract potential customers and save you money. Regardless of what type of business you have, comfort and safety will keep people coming back. A healthy environment will show that your business is professional and cares.

You may not be directly affected by the cleanliness of your ducts. There may not be a bad smell at the moment or perhaps you aren’t affected by allergies. Even if everything seems good and the air seems clean, that isn’t necessarily the case. There are a lot of potential hazards in the air that you cannot see or sense. It’s also important to prevent these things from happening. It’s much easier to maintain ducts than it is to replace an HVAC system. Consider creating and safe and healthy business for everyone by investing in commercial duct cleaning today.

Utsav- Have a great living

Utsav is situated in Mumbai. This venture has all luxuries that a up to date property purchaser would attempt to have, for instance , Landscaped Garden, Earthquake Resistant, CCTV Cameras, Gymnasium, Play Area, Rain Water Harvesting, Lift, Car Parking, 24Hr Backup Electricity, Drainage and Sewage Treatment, Security, Solar lighting, 24Hr water system and Fire Alarm. The Project may be a piece of the agricultural area of Badlapur West. It contains 1 RK BHK Apartments. Panvelkar Utsav is connected to the territory by wide streets. Occupants of the region have simple access to network utilities like schools, universities, medical clinics, recreational zones and stops. The offices inside the complex are insightfully made. Panvelkar Utsav includes Residential Apartments of varied measurements. The region of Units accessible during this venture involves 1.80 sections of land. Panvelkar Utsav plan empowers best usage of the space.

Badlapur has transformed into a serious residential district , comprising varied communities & people of various cadres. Badlapur is usually known to Mumbai people as a week-end picnic spot, because it hosts two major dams and few waterfalls appear during monsoon. Its proximity to Mumbai has transformed Badlapur into one among the main residential zones. Although it’s approx. 70 km from Mumbai main city, it’s quiet surroundings, beautiful nature and somewhat cool temperatures made it an area liked by many. Badlapur features a Municipal Council which takes care of civic amenities and keep-up of the town . Funds are generated essentially through property taxes. Maharashtra State Assembly has two nominations from Badlapur. Badlapur is well connected with Mumbai, Pune and Bhiwandi through Rail & Road network. Nearest Airport is Mumbai International Airport (approx. 65 km). Nearest RailHead is Kalyan which may be a junction and connects to all or any parts of India. The simplest way to get in is by Local Trains (EMU) which ply around the clock between Badlapur & Mumbai. Badlapur is legendary for its quiet surroundings. One can immediately feel its proximity to nature. to urge around, services of three wheeler auto rickshaw are often available. These are very affordable and therefore the best thanks to getting around faster. Many of us wish to walk around as you will not fatigue thanks to its clean air. Downtown is that the railroad station area & it’s usually very crowded.

Badlapur is split into two. East & West (divided by railway lines) West Badlapur is where the old market is found . East Badlapur houses the town deity “Gaondevi”. Most of the attractions are located little away (say around 4-5 kilometers) from the town.

Badlapur is legendary for its quiet surroundings. One can immediately feel its proximity to nature. to urge around, services of three wheeler auto rickshaw are often available. These are very affordable and therefore the best thanks to getting around faster. Many of us wish to walk around as you will not fatigue thanks to its clean air. Downtown is that the railroad station area & it’s usually very crowded. Badlapur is split into two. East & West (divided by railway lines) West Badlapur is where the old market is found . East Badlapur houses the town deity “Gaondevi ”. Most of the attractions are located little away (say around 4-5 kilometers) from the town. The locality has schools liket Anthony’s Convent Higher lyceum and Poddar Brio International School. The world has many hospitals like Spandan Hospital, Dhanvantari Hospital, and Sfurti Hospital. It also has many colleges like IELTS Bharat College of Engineering, Dreamviewers College of HMCT & Tourism, and BA Talreja College.Few important malls & markets within the locality are Mrunal Plaza, Vardhman Regency, Patil Arcade, AK Surval Market. Badlapur provides work opportunities to workmen and other heavy and mid-scale industrial sections. Major industries are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of Chemicals, Polymers and engineering. Other nearest employment hubs are at Bhiwandi, Thane, Kalyan located at a distance of 20- 50 km.

Why Hire Business Consultants to Comply With ISO Standards?

Successful implementation of management systems and compliance with ISO standards require the appointment of competent individuals to become environmental managers, quality managers, and occupational health and safety managers. Nevertheless, there are instances when an organisation requires the aid of independent business management consultants to better understand what the organisation needs to do to improve its performance. Insights from external sources are extremely valuable because there are issues that members within the organisation fail to recognise or prioritise but are in fact of critical importance to achieving success.

Regardless of the type of business management systems you are trying to set up and implement, you definitely need people to oversee those systems. You may appoint yourself, appoint one or several of your employees, or specifically hire business consultants. Business consultants provide specialist help and advice on ISO standards compliance and certification. They are experienced and skilled engineers, occupational health professionals, and business managers with relevant qualifications required for developing, implementing and enhancing management systems.

As with all cases of developing and implementing management systems, compliance is better than certification. Quite often, ISO certification isn’t really worth the cost, time, and paperwork. This is especially true to small and medium size businesses. However, you can’t deny the fact that a substantial number of customers demand ISO certification, pushing you to go through all the trouble of obtaining one. Thankfully, business consultants provide cost-effective and innovative, not to mention fast approaches in complying with ISO standards and obtaining ISO certification.

The standards have stringent requirements, making it extremely difficult for small businesses to even design and implement management systems on their own, worse try to apply for certification. The bureaucracy alone is already taxing enough for an enterprise with limited resources. Furthermore, continued compliance is necessary to keep the certification. Once certified, the work just doesn’t stop. You do need long – term assistance and advice on ISO standards compliance because your organisation needs to consistently implement and upgrade your management systems.

At the start, you may have no one to designate as management systems representative, so you opt to hire business consultants. To guarantee your continued compliance with the standards, it may be more practical to create an in-house management systems team after you’ve achieved certification. Thus, those consultants must effectively pass on the knowledge to your in-house team for consistency and continuity. This helps to provide your business with a short-cut towards gaining valuable knowledge and skills in ISO standards and other relevant information that is otherwise in-existent in your organisation. Moreover, the transferred knowledge brings you competitive advantage that’s lasting and effective.

CG Business Consulting is one of the leading business management consulting companies in Dublin offering a step by step consultancy service enabling companies of all nature and size to achieve certification. We offer ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, ISO 9000 training, ISO 14001 Environmental and OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Management Consultancy Services, from the start of the project to Certification, through to maintenance and continual improvement. We constantly develop & enhance ISO Standards for our clients.

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