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Role of Recruitment Consultants in Corporate Training

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Corporate training is a special form of guidance and education which is aimed at improving the skills of employees and increases their performance by putting focus on professional development. Employers and companies use this guidance procedure to train new employees, to promote employees into jobs which require different set of skills and to provide the current personnel with new skills for their existing job. The corporate training can be company specific or it can be general. As for a recruitment consultant, he/she is a person who is responsible for assimilating candidates and then matching them with permanent or temporary position jobs with their clients. The jobs can vary from starting roles to key jobs like executives and directors.

Many organizations have whole departments whose sole aim is to train and develop their employees. These departments include technical writers, training specialists and in house instructors who design instruction and training manuals which are specific to a job or that particular company. Almost every corporation considers that it is important to provide their employees with adequate training so that they can compete with the challenges of the ever evolving businesses and changing markets. Lately, recruitment consultants are also becoming a major part of the corporate training procedure.

A recruitment consultant has a lot of experience working with his/her client corporations and building relationships so that he/she can better understand their recruitment requirements. Most consultants monitor various candidates, do background search, interview them and then match them with the suitable corporations. Another part of their job involves giving advice to corporations and candidates regarding career opportunities, training requirements and salary levels. As a consultant is almost as aware regarding the skills and experience of a candidate (even more considering the fact that consultant knows which company can best utilize those specific skills and experience), he/she can help the candidate in achieving special corporate training that can help the job seeker to develop his/her existing skills or learn new techniques and expertise.

There are different forms of corporate training which include computer training, leadership training, interpersonal skills, diversity, customer service, communication, organization, time management and sales. A recruitment consultant helps the candidate to decide or can advice him/her in deciding as to which form of training can be suitable for the candidate. They also help corporations in deciding as to which training type should be provided to the current or new employees to enhance their corporate skills.

It is seen many times that corporations misjudge (over estimate or under estimate) the capabilities of their new employees. Corporate training can help the employees to gain the skills and expertise required for that job. A recruitment agency provides the corporation with their knowledge regarding the candidates (that they had gained from interviews and tests) and which form of training would be best for them. The consultant knows as to whether a company requires a new leader or a software expert and he/she also knows the personnel with the required skill (or who has the ability to learn that skill). This two way facilitation helps the corporation as well as the candidate to solidify their relationship which can lead to long term success for both the entities.

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Interior Design Consultants

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Be it your workplace, your home or your business, we always want our space to be the perfect combination of the aesthetics with the practical. As humans we are always willing to upgrade for our best of advantage.

The same goes with the space we own which we always wanted to customize according to our needs and requirements. Interior designing is an awful lot more than just painting your walls, rearranging your furniture and proper lighting and for this reason it is better to engage professional help which will also save you from a lot of head aches.

Proper space management is only possible by getting in touch with the interior design consultants who not only visually enhance your interior space but will also seek to optimize and harmonize the uses to which the built environment will be put for. Although some people think that getting in touch with an interior design consultant is an expensive business but the reality is that it can be a good budgeting decision that will not only help you save money in assembling your space but will also help you save a lot of time instead of managing things all by yourself.

With loads of creativity splashed on your interiors even your simple room can look like a million dollar place. Hiring a professional to make your space more attractive, up-to- date and functional is a very wise investment. The solutions for space management are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants, and are aesthetically attractive. An interior designers consulting is highly prioritized according to the individual space and its function. Professional consultants are aware of the best and the most reasonable products available in the market that can make great wonders in your space.

These consultants can help you avoid the headaches often associated with re-modeling, expansion, and interiors work overall. When considering how to redesign any interior space it is important to consider just what type of style you want to incorporate in the provided space. Thus the interior design consultants help you transform your vision into reality by applying their creative skills to effective use for planning your space. With the help of an interior design consultant you will find that there are many options open to you to transform your space into something more ideal for your needs.

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Small to Medium Business Consulting

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You’re an entrepreneurial spirit and you’re full of fantastic ideas! That’s a great place to start when you want to set up your own business. Passion is what you need to ensure your enthusiasm when you’re getting your new business up on its feet. This is also the ideal time to seek advice from small business consultants who can assist you in making the right choices.

Starting any new venture takes dedication and commitment. But when you’re passionate about what you’re doing it’s much easier to commit your time and effort to the cause. It can also be incredibly daunting to start up something new that perhaps hasn’t been tried and tested before. Fear of the unknown can make you hesitant in taking that big leap forward. This is where EDL Consulting Services can come in to give you a helping hand. We’re the small business consultants of choice that can advise you during this critical decision-making time.

There are many steps that you can take to ensure that you’re making a valid investment. Due diligence must be carried out. The necessary research must be undertaken to confirm the existence of a niche market for your product; and for the necessary funding or financing. Referring to small business consultants before finalizing your business plans will equip you well enough to make informed decisions.

EDL Consulting Services provides quality advice and assistance to those beginning new ventures. We are the small business consultants to approach when you need support in starting out; taking that first step; and in making a more informed decision about the type of business that you intend to build.

We will assist you in that all-important research which defines the outlines and the scope of your business. We can help you to ascertain that there is, indeed, a market for your product or service, thus ensuring future growth of your business. And, most importantly, we can aid you in discovering your financing needs.

We have the necessary experience and expertise that equips us to hold your hand; to be your crutch; and to instill enough confidence in you to get you started. If you have a great business idea in mind that you’re passionate about and you need the inspiration and the knowledge to get going, then come to EDL Consulting Services. We’re the right small business consultants for you.

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Social Media Consultant Is the Perfect Strategy for Your Business

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The Internet world is a place where everyone is. The popularity of social media jobs are getting really hyped nowadays and absolutely it has zero indication of slowing down. The most popular websites include Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr and etc. These different sites are changing the traditional network into a vital place of any marketing advertisement.

Many businesses and companies utilize the power of the different social media sites like to create their own online buzz. It had brought doors of opportunities to anyone who wanted to earn. Now, companies are in the hunt for their customers’ attention through tweets, videos, articles, pictures or anything else that can create comments and will increase the business’ popularity. Many businesses and company are making a smart choice of looking for the perfect experts for these jobs. This makes way for social media consultant.

Role of a Social Media Consultant

Nowadays, many consultants have entered their expertise in social media. As a consultant, their work involves advising clients on developing different online media promotions and campaigns. Typically these promotions and campaigns include the use of video, blogs, forums and other features which are commonly seen on these sites. Social media consultants also assist the company in their online presence through blogs and popular social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace YouTube, Photobucket, and Twitter. Increasingly, the more engaged companies are in social media the more valued their brands or products are.

This consultant is also in charge for social media strategy audit. Companies and businesses want to determine what their strategy should be. So as a consultant, they evaluate the companies’ existing resources, as well what competitors are doing. They help in deciding in choosing the perfect social to reach your business objectives. The big advantage to this service is that companies and businesses get the accurate audit of where and what to do to move forward. Through these, companies and businesses don’t pay for additional services such as launching a blog, when it actually makes more effective by using Twitter instead.

Indeed online media consultant isn’t as easy as it seem. As result, consultants often need to educate companies about the opportunities, and why social networking sites have so much potential in the marketing world. With the proper training and knowledge this could be dream gig for you. In order for you to stay on top as a consultant, you should always arm yourself with the latest knowledge about the different strategies available by always browsing the Internet for the latest updates and applying whatever techniques you might come across.

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The Management Consultant & CEO – Getting on the Same Wavelength is Critical to Consulting Success

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Getting into the head of the CEO is critical for a consultant to be effective and successful.

Imagine if you will, two brains, fully functioning and at their best, one from a great consultant, the other from a CEO. Imagine, it is the year 2110 and we have the technology to temporarily remove them, keep them alive and fully functioning, without any damage, and bring them on to a special location and put them aside.

Now imagine the brains become linked through a special process where they can see each others thoughts, learn from each others experiences and gain each others wisdom and know with certainty that they can work together to achieve great things. Then, after this “meeting of the minds” has occurred, they are put back into their respective bodies and go charging ahead with transforming their businesses and companies.

The value to the consultant and CEO of both understanding each other and what is in their heads can be enormous.

A meeting of the “minds” if you will is what needs to happen between great consultants and their CEO clients. Getting into that space and place, where the energy flow between the two is flowing easily, naturally and with a slight bit of excitement is a “must have” for the top consultant.

In the real world, today, we have to accomplish a smaller knowledge transfer and proportional understanding in a more “old fashioned way.” By asking questions, actively listening, probing answers with further questions, and then it starts to happen.

There should come a point in the conversations and in the relationship, when both the consultant and the CEO start to “see” and “feel” the meeting of their two minds begin to happen. You might say it was “chemistry” or we “clicked” or some other term indicating a “connection” at the highest level.

Practically speaking, you must engage and discuss with the CEO and top managers and find out what three or four ‘critical numbers’ are in their heads all the time.

You must get them to talk about these numbers, what it means to them personally, the company, the organization and link your proposition as an investment proposal to help them achieve these numbers

Getting into the head of the CEO or the economic buyer and seeing where the buyer stands in the socio-economic hierarchy definitely influences their trigger points.

Different types of buyers tend to see value in different ways. You must be aware that value is in the eye of the beholder. It’s like the taste of a good wine, or a fine piece of art. See what your client sees and know what they value.

For example, the CEO, or economic buyer, sees value as ‘return on investment’. In order to help him improve the bottom line, therefore, you must talk about financial performance, return on investment, profit drivers, and the big picture.

It is important to understand that features, advantages and benefits in the smaller projects are more appropriate with a functional buyer, and probably less so, or even non existent in the mind of a CEO.

The CEO will want to talk bigger picture, bigger numbers and so should you. It is imperative that you walk this talk with the CEO and the major numbers for a major assignment.

In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins points out how important it is for you to identify the correct ‘economic denominator’. This is the critical number that determines the ongoing success or failure of a business and it provides the conduit to the “meeting of the minds” that will continue to link the consultant and CEO as they endeavor together to solve problems and move the company.

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Do You Have the Right Social Media Consultant?

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There’s no stopping it right now. Social media is an online hub for millions of businesses in Melbourne and the rest of the world to promote their products and services. And along with the clamor for effective presence on various platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and etc. is the demand for skilled social media consultants in Melbourne & everywhere to help businesses achieve their social media marketing campaigns.

Why are these consultants in demand?

If you’re one of those looking to have a social media presence for your business, you have to keep it mind that’s it’s not as simple as having a personal Facebook or Twitter account. It involves plenty of setup, tracking and analysis, as well as using various tools to help generate reports that will measure how effective the marketing campaign is. Meaning, if you don’t have a solid experience or technical knowhow in online marketing, particularly social media, you need an expert to do it for you if you want to succeed.

Who are the experts?

Unfortunately, because of the high demand for online marketers, sometimes it’s quite hard to discern the experts from those who just want to rip you off. Whether you’re still shopping for providers or currently working with one – how would you know if they’re just overcharging, giving grand promises and providing mediocre results?
Here are 4 ways that may help you check if you’re working with the wrong consultant:

Your monthly bills are obscure – Be wary if there are no details attached to your bill. It should specify and outline the details that your consultant is charging you with. Don’t hesitate to ask for specifics coz you have every right to do so.

You’re offered a “one-and-done” campaign – Keep in mind that social media campaigns – or any online marketing campaign for that matter – do not achieve the ideal results with just one go. This scenario will never have the long-term benefits your business needs. A good consultant will analyse and experiment using a combination of different tools and methods. This way, results can be improved as you compare multiple campaigns to see which one works best. So if you’re promised that a single run of a campaign will take your business to new heights, be careful. Results may either be nothing or at most, short-term.

You rarely get to hear from your consultant – Ideally, you should be able to get hold of your consultant during work hours or he/she should be able to get back to you immediately. If you don’t get updates at least once a week or as agreed, and if your efforts to get in touch are usually unsuccessful, maybe it’s time to find another agency that can treat you like a valuable client.

You’re not satisfied with the reports – The reports you’re getting are vague, or you seldom get them or they’re too generic or you are not made to understand them or all of the above. Hey, something’s wrong here! A good social media consultant in Melbourne or elsewhere will always have the most updated tools to create reports for you. And when the tools are right, your consultant will always have the ability to generate measurable and quantifiable data that will tell you how effective your campaign is.

Aside from great marketing skills, a good social media consultant in Melbourne will make sure that you always have transparent transactions from start to finish. This means data are always supported by facts and figures, project timeline is clear and agreed upon and objectives are reasonable and achievable. If you think that the promises made are too good to be true, then they most probably are.

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Auditing and Consulting Services

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Auditing is the assessment and or evaluation of product, process, unit and/or business in its totality against known standard[s]. Consulting is the advice and/or work that is to be performed for the business or organization that is necessary to improve both quality and productivity of the business against known standard[s] and/or practices. Both auditing and consulting are the two wings for the successful and effective operation of the business.

Auditing can be accomplished by independent professional who can be of the same organization or of external independent organization. Auditing performed by the independent professional form within the organization is known as internal audit[s].

Audits performed by outside professionals can be either 2nd party audits or 3rd party audits. Auditing finds out what is necessary to bring the system of the organization in compliance.. Audits can be of different types such as system audits, supplier audits, process audits, area and/or department audits. Audits has to be performed with independence-i.e. auditor can not audit his/her own area[s] of responsibility and/or function.

Consulting addresses and implements those findings which help maintain functionally effective system that improves the bottom-line of the business. Consulting is performed by the professional[s] from outside organization. It can be independent organization or your supplier in some cases. One thing to keep in mind that your customer can not provide you consulting.

To find an experienced and professional auditor and/or consultant is a challenge that many organizations face in this competitive environment. If your consultant has no auditing experience, especially third party audits, this organization may not help you successfully, as they are not exposed to other side of the world of the audits, thus may not in totality understand the requirements of the applicable standard[s]. On other hand, selecting the auditor never exposed to the consulting world is also fills half of the glass of your requirements! Besides their experience, accreditation and qualification pertaining to your industry are equally important and crucial to this process.

When selecting auditing and consulting services, following factors should be considered:

o Expertise of both worlds- Auditing and Consulting.
o Firm fixed price-No surprises.
o Guaranteed Results.
o Total Customer Satisfaction.
o On Time and as promised Delivery of Services.
o Post Delivery Services

It is always a challenge to find this perfect match of the professional[s] who is both a seasoned auditor and a veteran consultant in your field of the business. Therefore organizations seeking for either one of these two should take their time and do these job right. First step in this process is invite prospects with resumes and experience, interview for their knowledge for both disciplines and finally put them to a task of practical demonstration before you think to choose the professional for auditing or consulting.

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The Best Credit repair Software for Business

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Credit repair software is a must for a credit repair business. But how do you find the best software for your needs?

Credit repair software is a must for a credit repair business. But how do you find the best software for your needs?

Credit repair software is an important tool for getting credit reports instantly,Guest Posting detecting errors quickly and accurately, and generating dispute letters with no effort. However, not all are as powerful as the others. Some are not user-friendly and have limited features. And some are just not meant for business use. To help you out, here are some tips you can use. Read through.

How do you find the perfect credit repair software for business?

Make a list. There are many credit repair software in the market. The first step to finding one is by making a list of the software that interests you.
Check the features. Every credit repair software is created uniquely. Some are developed for personal use only. While others are developed for business. Credit repair software for businesses has more features. Such as a CRM program integration, emailing system, autoresponder, task manager, and others. Investigate the features to see that it has what you need.
Consider the CRM integration. This feature is important if you are using the software for business. It will help you manage your task easier, keep track of your clients with minimal effort, and create a marketing campaign to grow your business.
Check the price. Compare the costs to find the best software for you. Some may be economical but may be hard to utilize. Or doesn’t have great attributes. Some are also over expensive. So, it’s important to weigh the price and its feature to help you make an informed decision. Moreover, do not fall into special features easily. Scrutinize it well it will be useful to you.
Check reviews. Again, not all credit repair software is the same. Read about users’ testimonies about the product to acquire more information about the software for fixing credit you are interested in. You can easily find reviews by searching Google. Of course, always consider asking your family members and friends for suggestions.
Pick a web-based software. This will enable you to access the system whenever, wherever, and on any device. This ensures that you can provide services anytime for your clients. E.g., when you are on a vacation but a client called asking if you have received the files he/she sent. Time is gold. The faster you can attend to your clients’ needs, the happier they’ll be. In addition, web-based software also secures your business data from device damage or natural disasters.
Credit repair software is not only for improving credit reports. It is vital to provide excellent services to your customers. Your credibility is a must to remain in the business and obtain more clients. Using the software would: enable you to give results fast, pinpoint mistakes correctly and identify questionable information in the account, and make letters to file a dispute that would enhance your customers’ credit.

This article is written by Lorenzo Rodriguez, the owner of LMR International Inc., who invented the first and most automated credit repair software, Credit Money Machine.

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Best Guide for Small Moves

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We cannot consider every move a big move. So, for example, when students move into college dorms or PG (paying guests), they don’t need a full-service mover. Likewise, if a person is going for small moves, they can use a car instead of hiring movers.

We cannot consider every move a big move. So,Guest Posting for example, when students move into college dorms or PG (paying guests), they don’t need a full-service mover. Likewise, if a person is going for small moves, they can use a car instead of hiring movers.

This article will help you and provide all information related to small moves.

What can be considered a Small Move?
What can be a small move? Maximum of professional movers consider 2,000 lbs shipments as small moves. According to them, it contains a single bedroom flat of shipment items. However, a large amount of shipments is generally above 2,000 lbs.

Small Moves – Common Examples
Some examples are given below, which will help you understand what is known as a small move.

Moving to college dorms- Leaving home for the first time can be mind-boggling. However, college dorms are the best example of small moves because the number of personal belongings is less. In addition, most dorms already have beds, bookshelf, and desk furniture. Therefore, shipping in dorms is easy, and students don’t need to bring luggage.
.Studio or single bedroom flat move- If a person is moving to a single bedroom flat or studio, their move is typically called a small move. In this case, small moves are valid if they plan to buy and get delivery of their furniture after moving into their new apartment. Moving in this category means only having to move a small truck worth of personal belongings. New Day Moving can quickly make small moves.
You are moving locally to a new neighbourhood- Moving around the same area where you live? Even if you have many personal belongings, your move comes under small moves because moving from one locality to a new place down the street is easy.
Few items move- Small moves sometimes involve moving only one or two items (small or big)—for example, bathtub, wardrobes, beds, piano, pool table, etc. New Day Moving can move these items with special packaging to keep them safe.
Small Moves – Minimums
The smallest amount charged by movers is known as the minimums. Local companies charge per hour. One example is New Day Moving; they require at least one to a two-hour minimum. So even if your small move takes less than an hour, you have to pay an hourly rate.

The weight of shipments determines the price for moving long distances. Therefore, if you make a small move like looking for berkeley moving company for small moves, you better go to New Day Moving as they specialise in small moves.

Easy way to move Small Loads
Labour-only movers
Hiring movers for heavy lifting works is the best way to go for small moves is by hiring movers for heavy lifting works. Local apartment/studio and unique item moves happen more effectively if you hire professional movers. If moving only one or two items, you can hire a speciality moving company (New Day Moving).

Renting Moving Containers
Moving containers are best for small moves. Generally, moving containers can fit around a room full of belongings or even more. People can select the preferred container size that companies offer them. PODS and U-Pack are the two most reputable moving containers are PODS and U-Pack, used for long-distance moves.

Using personal car
Maximum times in college dorm move, people use their car because the number of personal belongings is less. If using a car is possible for small moves, we recommend you try this only. It is the chea0pest and easy way to shift personal belongings.

Rental trucks or Cargo Vans
Small truck rentals or cargo vans can be used for small moves. These vehicles can handle one bedroom’s worth of belongings. They are cost-effective and ideal for college dorms and studio moves.

Small Moves – Things you should consider

Before selecting how to shift your items, you should consider many vital points. They are -

Condition of things- Be careful when thinking of moving fragile items such mirrors, glass utensils, TVs, PCs, etc. For these, you must hire professionals because they will take your belongings with special packaging. However, this is the best way when shifting fragile items for small moves.
Time of moving- Knowing when to move is significant because moving can take time. If a person doesn’t have enough time, they should do it in intervals by using their means of transport such as a car or cab.
Moving Distance- Distance between old address and new address matters a lot. When going for a long distance, the means of transport and the amount of money differ.
Storage Need- You may need to store your belongings before shifting to your new place. Renting small containers can be very useful during these times.
Budget- The final part is your budget. If your budget is low, go for a personal car. And if you have a flexible budget, go for professional movers.
Hiring Movers – worth it or not?

Small moves like college dorm rooms, one-bedroom flats, etc., using a personal car, moving containers or renting a truck will be the best option. If you are going for professional movers, whatever your moving distance is, the company will take their minimum amount whatever your moving distance. But if you have delicate items, hiring professionals will be the best option for your small move.

Small Moves – How to save money

Pack by yourself- It is undoubtedly best if movers pack your stuff, but they will charge for that. Therefore, packing your belongings by yourself is one way to save some money.
Friends/ Do yourself- Another good way to save money is to take help from friends or do it yourself.
Get rid of items- A good way of saving money is throwing away unwanted items. Donate them or simply toss them away if you don’t need them. This way, you can save a lot of packaging money when hiring professionals.
Discount advantages- Never forget to grab the best discounts which are available. Movers offer discounts to students, teachers and military members.

In today’s life, everyone is busy with their jobs, business or studies. So taking out time for small moves can be difficult at some point. No worry, professional movers like New Day Moving are there to help you. We hope this article helps you. Good luck with your small move.

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3 amazing life lessons from Olympic Legend Jacqui Cooper

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What we learned from Jacqui Cooper’s inspirational conference speech: 3 amazing life lessons that made her a World Champion.

3 Amazing Life Lessons from a World Champion
What kind of person decides to devote their life to becoming world champion at aerial skiing?

You know,Guest Posting that crazy sport that involves strapping yourself to skis and hurling yourself into the air as high as a three-storey building at 80kms an hour? While doing air breakdancing and then attempting to land again?

According to Jacqui Cooper, winner of 24 World Cup gold medals and first Australian woman to make five Olympic teams, to be the aerial skiing world champion you need to be 3 things:

A little bit crazy (or a lot crazy)
In her barnstorming, funny, and incredibly inspiring keynote at the SL22 Conference, Jacqui Cooper said all of these character traits were obvious very early in her life.

As the first born of triplets she won the “race” to be born,
she has always been obsessed with acrobatics,
As a toddler she climbed onto the roof rack of her parent’s moving car, and they didn’t notice until they got home.
These character traits led to a chance encounter that would alter the course of her life.

A chance encounter leads to lifelong mentor
Every single day for five years, Jacqui would do her two sister’s homework if they agreed to accompany her to a local park with an Olympic sized trampoline that she would practice on for 15 minutes. Every. Single. Day.

That’s a massive commitment, not just to trampolining but also to homework!

But this daily routine led to a chance encounter with a man who she describes as “complete blend between Mr Miagi and Yoda” who would become her lifelong mentor. This man’s vision for Jacqui would change the course of her life.

Full of excitement after that first encounter she (without prior approval) invited him over for dinner the next evening to meet and convince her parents.

A Destination and a roadmap
When he arrived the following day he was carrying a ten-page document that he had typed out the day before after his chance first encounter with Jacqui. Each page of the document represented a year of his plan for Jacqui, and what level of skill and performance she would be at .

On year ten it said.”you will be 26, you will go to the world championships and do skills that no one has ever done before. You’ll get a score of 200, which will be a world record AND you’ll be a world champion”

That ten-age document became an integral part of Jacqui’s life. On his instructions Jacqui read that 10 page roadmap every single day for the next 10 years. She would read it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

“I made an unwavering commitment to those 10 pieces of paper”

Flash forward 10 years, at the age of 26 years of age. Jacqui goes to the world championships, does the exact skills that “Jeff” had predicted 10 years earlier. Her score? 198.7 (he guessed 200)

Jacqui’s story is a reminder of the importance and life-altering affect that having a mentor can have on a person’s life. Jacqui had all the ingredients to be a successful aerial skier and world champion, but she needed the recipe and that’s what “Jeff” gave her. Being a world champion was just the destination, he gave her a roadmap.

Overcoming Adversity
Committing her life to the roadmap laid out in those 10 pieces of paper meant overcoming adversity, and for Jacqui suffered horrendous injuries that would have forced most people out of the sport. Few other athletes have endured a greater physical and mental toll than Jacqui. Bruce McAvaney, one of the most recognisable and respected Olympics commentators, sums up the adversity that injury Jacqui has endured, and overcome.

“A broken back, reconstructions to shoulders knees and elbows, her face broken in four places. A fractured tibia and hips”

Bruce McAvaney considers Jacqui’s career “one of the most inspiring and remarkable stories I’ve encountered”.

We agree.

And we were privileged to hear that inspiring and remarkable story from the champion herself.

It is impossible to not be impressed by Jacqui Cooper. She is very funny, a great story teller, and incredibly engaging with the crowd. Even though 99.99% of us will never attempt aerial skiing, there is something very universal about her theme of overcoming adversity. She had a destination and she didn’t let anyone or thing stop her from getting there.

Not injury. Not people telling her to quit. Not having her hip fused so that she couldn’t lie down for SIX weeks.

Seriously. Imagine sleeping upright in a chair for six weeks!

If she can do that, then maybe we can all suffer a bit more in pursuit of our own dreams. Our own destination.

3 amazing life lessons. Why Jacqui’s speech really resonates with us
Mentor = Guide. Jacqui had her Mr. Miagi/Yoda mentor who was able to guide her to a destination that she couldn’t see yet. Be the guide is one of the core values of STAFFLINK. Jacqui’s story really reaffirmed to us the life-changing benefits that having a mentor or guide can give you.
Roadmap = You don’t just need a destination, you also need a roadmap on how to get there. We can help you by mapping out all the steps and stages involved in reaching your goal.
Overcoming Adversity = we have a growing community of people who have faced the same adversities as you. Every type of adversity that you can face in real estate has been faced by someone before. Don’t face it alone, together we can learn faster.

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